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Iron Marshal
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Overview of Iron Marshal Game Online:
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Welcome to Iron Marshal! A free online browser-based WWII strategy game which allows player to build and develop their own army, fight with thousands of other player in the campaign, and make yourself a legendary history. With the great details of graphic design and historically campaigns, Iron Marshall offers a unique battle system that will surely excites you! Come and join the game to grow your army to the road of victory!

In Iron Marshall, player would started off as a commander with limited amount of soldiers, and progressively shifting up the ladder and eventually becoming the most powerful general. There are quite some tutorials and walkthrough prepared by the game developer for players' reference so feel free to visit the official website the gain additional information.

To start playing the game, player would need to first customize their characters name, gender , features, hair and other physical attributes. You would need to choose a faction of whether The Allies, Germans, or The Soviet Union, and proceed to select a city where you would establish your very first base. There would be a basic tutorial to guide you through the user interface, including the Builders CD, Supply, Mail Box, Diamonds, Gold, Prestige, Honor, Armory, World, Area, Campaign, Base, Legion, Mission and other more items.

By starting the campaign, the next enemy will naturally growing tougher and tougher so player would need to upgrade their army in order to win the combat. There are several useful strategy in speeding up the process, such as increase the hero's strength, research and develop the Army's technology, purchase more powerful weapon from the store, or hire more experience generals to guide your troops.

Start playing Iron Marshal now and invite your friend to join the battle, and rank yourself in the battlefield to grow your rank and reputation!

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