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Overview of iRok2 Game Online:
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iRok2 is a casual browser game featuring music rhythm and music beats gameplay. You can use keyboard (numbers) to play, or you can use the guitar hero exclusive guitar to play this music game if you have one.

You can immediately start off playing iRok2 after you have set your characters name. This means you can try out the game first, and if you like the game, you can then save the game by registering your name using your email account.

Most features are locked in the beginning of the game and you have to unlock them after completing the requirements. Besides playing the game, you can change and customize the outfit for your character (Rokr), find and play your favorite songs, view your set lists, change your gears, and view the catalog.

You can also shout out your status by clicking the activity tab to share stuffs with your friends. Also, you will have your own Rokbook which records your Rok contacts as well as your tracks and albums.

For your personal inventory and info, you will have a career progression bar stating your rockstar popularity as well as the number of fans you have. Also, you are start out with 8 maximum energy, performing various actions will consume your energy. Finally, you got the game money (coins) as well as the game cash (bucks) to buy your desired gears and items.

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