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Overview of I AM PLAYR Game Online:
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Goals ! Glory! Girls! Welcome to I am Playr, a free online facebook soccer game that allows player to live the life a soccer superstar striker. The main objective of this game is to become the Most Valuable Player and win the tournament championship matches by performing various shooting skills and hat trick. Is all about fame and glory!

How to play
In I AM Playr, player would need to perform various shooting, dribbling and curl. Points are awarded to the player if they shoot the ball into the gaps in any corner of the goals or the central hole. Discover your sweet spot and correctly estimate your timing and power to launch a powerful shot into the empty net area. Player would be able to gain Match Fitness points even they fail to score the goal .

For Dribbling is mostly on guess work. Player would need to observe the speed movement of the cursor and predict the time to hit the shot to land the cursor at the orange or green area. No points will be awarded if it lands at the red area.

For Curl it is an additional shot bonus when player move their mouse or track pad finger left or right as they release the shot. Player would need to compensate for their curl by aiming the ball so that they an strike the target with the effect that curl has on the ball. Player can increase their curling ability by buying boots and increasing their football level.

Start playing I am Playr now to become the MVP on the field!

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