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Human Escape Review
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Human Escape
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Overview of Human Escape Game Online:
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The link of Human Escape game has been redirected to the Over Thrown MMO text-based RPG game. Welcome to the world of Over Thrown. In the game, the setting is made in a chaotic world where lots of unknown creatures reside. Worse, you may not know where and when will they attack you. But one thing for sure, these monsters are brutal and merciless and will be excited by your blood.

In the Over Thrown game, you need to kill 50 different monsters with over 500 variances. Throughout your missions, you are advised to be extra careful when dealing with the monsters and the Demonic monsters will attempt to take revenge! For each monster you take down, it rewards you experience and gold. And if you are lucky, you will gain useful items. No worry, the game Over Thrown comes with tutorials and quests that will guide you to master the basics. To become the strongest warrior and mage, you need to master the socketed items and many magical ore combinations powers.

Can you over throw the world and be the master of all the 6 masteries, ruling all the others in the Over Thrown game. Check it out yourself and challenge your friends! It is playable in almost any mobile browser!

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