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Horse Saga
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Overview of Horse Saga Game Online:
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Horse Saga is an MMO Facebook horse breeding game. For those who love horses, this is a recommended game for the maniacs to take care of the horses and manage them in any way they want.

There are several breeds of horses available in Horse Saga: Quarter Horse, Arabian Thoroughbred, Paint Horse, Hanoverian and many more.

In the Horse Saga game, you have many caring actions that can make your horse fit and happy: provide enough nutrition, coddling, cleaning and let it rest. Also, there are other actions consuming Care Points but bring benefits: Training, having a riding tour and even looking for jobs with your horse! In the training particularly, there are balance training, agility training, power training and premium training. Make sure you let your horse gain enough proficiency through intense trainings so that it can win in the competitions. When your horse runs out of energy, you can let it rest in box, rest in paddock or rest on pasture. Also, give it water, hay, haylage or premium nutrition so that its health is always in tip-top shape.

After you have managed a horse well, you can start expanding your virtual horse farm to compete with your friends. You can take part in donating the breeding samples to the breeding station so that others can get benefits from it.

Let’s play this Horse Saga game to explore more interesting parts of the horses.

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