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Hoop De Loop Saga Review
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Hoop De Loop Saga
(42 votes)
Facebook Games

Overview of Hoop De Loop Saga Game Online:
Average Rating: (42 votes)
(5stars: 30 votes)
(4stars: 3 votes)
(3stars: 3 votes)
(2stars: 0 votes)
(1stars: 6 votes)
Welcome to Hoop De Loop Saga, a free online social facebook game that offers a lot of thrill with a combination of both arcade game and puzzle game. Stretch your critical thinking skill and imagination to the maximum now and challenges thousands of online player now with your ball shooting skill!

Hoop De Loop Saga is a strategic facebook game where you need to shoot your colored ball with correct timing and precision to make your consecutive chain of ball matching. The concept of the game is to match the ball with the same color and make as many combos as possible. The more combos you perform, the higher score you would get. Try your best to stop the ball from reaching the hole within the limited time. You can have the options of switching ball by pressing space key.

Start playing Hoop De Loop Saga for free now on facebook and challenge your friend for the high score!

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