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Hidden Chronicles Review
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Hidden Chronicles
(53 votes)
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Overview of Hidden Chronicles Game Online:
Average Rating: (53 votes)
(5stars: 37 votes)
(4stars: 4 votes)
(3stars: 4 votes)
(2stars: 3 votes)
(1stars: 5 votes)
Another interesting mysterious adventurous game developed by Zynga is coming soon to Facebook !

Hidden Chronicles is about mystery, discovery, and a little friendly competition. Like snowboarding or making scrambled eggs, it’s easy to learn but hard to master. As you move through boards discovering thousands of hidden items, you’ll also unlock the story of Ramsey Manor, your home base in Hidden Chronicles. You’ll meet and interact with unique caretakers there, and have the ability to build, decorate and customize the Manor.

In contrast to other puzzle game, the location of the object doesn't remain the same each time player attempt the puzzle. Hidden Chronicle changes the locations of objects between puzzles and uses word scrambles or silhouette recognition instead of traditional object lists to add challenge.

Hidden Chronicles’offers progression through the game’s 50 levels, and the game play could be accelerated with premium currency and that hints could be gifted. The game would feature leaderboards to track which of your friends finished puzzles with the highest score, and possible a “racing mode” where friends compete one-on-one to finish a puzzle in the least amount of time.

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