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Hello City
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Overview of Hello City Game Online:
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Like to play Sim Social, Sim City, FarmVille and City Ville? Want to manage your own city and town and restructure them according to your own style and preference? Try now in Hello City to build your ideal city starting from scratch!

Hello City is a free online facebook social game that allows players to play facility, building and construction management. The more building your have, the more resident you would attract, and you would get more gold in reward for their occupancy. Start spreading the greeting energy to all the population of the city and get multiplied effects of score by saying "Hello" to each other !

In Hello City, there are 3 categories of building namely General Housing, Business Building, and Landscape Building. Some example of General Housing building include Cream Cottage, French Apartment, Swiss Apartment, Euro Apartment, blueberry Cottage, Firework Cart, Dream House, Rose Farm Cottage, Candy Red Studio, Opal Studio, Firelight Studio, Retro Inn, Euro Flat, Optimus Loft and more.

Or you can build more Businesses Unit in Hello City to generate more revenue, such as Java City Stand, Sausage Store, City Cinema 4, Bier Garden, Planet Pizza, Nacho Taco Shop, Happy toy Barn, Creamery Stand, Jade Kitchen Take out, and more. Some of the landscape include Saguaro Cactus, Aloes Cactus, Yellow Tulips, Prickly Pear, Orange Marigolds, Evergreen Tree, Apple Tree, Yucca Tree, Weeping Willow, Tree Shrump, Red Maple Tree, Purple Plum Tree, Blue Spruce Tree, Eucalyptus Tree, Slim Cypress Tree, Golden Tree, Avacado Tree, Bamboo Tree, Sakura Tree, Emerald Tree, Birch Tree, Banana Tree and more!

Start playing Hello City and spread your happy greeting across the city like never before! Remember to invite your friend to join the game to earn additional coins and experience points to keep unlock more mysterious and cool items!

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