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Happy Pets
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Overview of Happy Pets Game Online:
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Happy Pets is another pet game in Facebook similar to Pet Society. You get to raise charming pets and build their dream house.

One thing that is fun to discover is that whenever you are waiting in the loading page, you can move your mouse cursor to the bottom of the page. It is like a hidden piano there where you can move from left to right to get the low to high tone ‘miaw’s.

First and foremost, you need to choose your pet. In Happy Pets, you need to select one male and one female pet: grey cat, white cat, black cat and orange cat; or black dog, white dog, grey dog, and orange dog. If you choose a cat, then you can match it with opposite sex cat and vice versa if you choose a dog.

There are a lot of chores you need to do to raise the pair of pets. You need to feed them when they are hungry. Grad the can and keep on clicking on the bowl to fill it to the fullest. When your pets dirty the area, you need to clean your litter box. Use Insta-Grow to make your pets grow up in a blink of eye! Since the pets come in a pair, one extra feature of this game is mating. You can use love potion to guarantee that the breeding process can be successful. Pets can breed every day. You will get a baby pet if you breed successfully.

Play around with your pets. You can gain coins by touching your pets. You can also play around with them by shining laser beam onto the wall or floor and the pets will hop around chasing after the laser light. You can also bring your pet to a Pet Park for a nice stroll. At the park, you can see others’ pet there too. You can order your pet to dig to get coins and energy.

There are many things that you can get to aid you in the Happy Pets game play. You can get a Starter Pack 1. Starter Pack 1 has 3-Day Feeder to feed your pets automatically, Window with Top Curtain for decoration purpose and 3-Day coin idol to get double coins. You can also get Starter Pack 2 with 3-Day Cleaner to clean your room automatically, 3-Day Coin Idol and Striped Couch for decoration purpose.

There is a Daily Spin for you to perform everyday to try your luck and claim the rewards.

Invite your friends to be your neighbor and join the fun together. Nurture your pet to adulthood, take care of them with love and tender, and breed for more pets!

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