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Green Farm Review
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Green Farm
(46 votes)
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Overview of Green Farm Game Online:
Average Rating: (46 votes)
(5stars: 36 votes)
(4stars: 4 votes)
(3stars: 2 votes)
(2stars: 0 votes)
(1stars: 4 votes)
Are you thinking of escaping from the busy city life and return yourself into the rhythm of the nature? Now you can experience the leisure by managing your own garden and farm in Green Farm. Is now for you to join the community and create your own eco-friendly dream farm !

Green Farm is a free online facebook farming game with similar theme such as FarmVille, CityVille, which allows player to customize and develop their Farm, harvest the crop, and construct building to decorate them. Player would have the chance to make friends with fellow farmers, fill their farm with herds of cute livestock, and grow more yummy organic veggies.

In Green Farm, player would be able to earn their green thumb and have various fun planting and raising virtual crops, trees, and livestock. By earning coins and money from harvesting the plant, player would be able to purchase a variety of organic seeds, animals and building to personalize their unique farm

Besides, player can make their own homemade apple juice and cheese, or develop specialties like gardening or carpentry, then trade goods with players of different specialties by sending gifts. Player would be able to customize their avatar at will, enter the daily lottery, take on fun missions & get tons of help from tractors, planes & even robots!

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