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GoodFellas 1930 Review
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Overview of GoodFellas 1930 Game Online:
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GoodFellas 1930 is a mafia war text-based with Flash animations game with setting in the the American underworld of 30's years. As a member of your family or gang, fight for them and earn respect for your honored company. It comes with the RPG element to spice up the game play.

In this game, you will get to play as the Don, the head of a crime family. You involve in all kinds of dirty crimes from illegal selling of alcohol to drug trading or extortion against other people. Hence, in order to make big cash, sometimes you need to bribe the police to keep them off from your back. Of course, as a gangster, battles between groups are inevitable. Engage in combats and spill the blood from the enemies. Earn your respect to have the capability to form a great army of gangsters.

You need to recruit your men to do the dirty jobs for you. Remember that you are the boss and you need your underlings to run errands for your sake. They are needed to defense your family from enemies attack or for you to invade other families. You also have to own vehicles. With all these, you can reinforce your authority in your foothold - America. Build more buildings and upgrade them to earn continuous flow of serious cash.
There are many features and options in the game that mare the experience more thrilling and fun. For the creation of districts, families and gangs that you prefer, there are 6 cities to choose from. There are 10 districts in maximum to be developed by the city. What is more, there are also frequent updates, patches and enhancements and new version to ensure the game play is never getting dull and repetitive.

Establish your crime business, fight your way through and create your own legend in the criminal empire! Get notorious and rank up first in the leaderboard.

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