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Overview of Gartic Game Online:
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Behold! You are about to witness the most addictive game of all: Gartic, the sketching game!

Gartic is an online browser drawing game which you can play with multiple players. The game involves a host to draw a picture to illustrate the word given to him/her. There are a lot of tools to aid the host in drawing: , eraser, line and shape tools, flood fill, color picker and undo .There are a few rooms to join and each room has a specific theme: Food, Animal etc. except the General Room. All other players have to look at the picture sketched in the sketch board to guess what the word actually is. There is a time limit and the host has to draw fast and neat and the players have to guess quickly. The host and the player who guess correctly will obtain scores. After each correct guess the score gets lower, until they reach the minimum amount of 1. The one, who score the highest, wins the game.

The score system is in such a way that the round is worth 10 points at the beginning of each round. The first player who guesses the word correctly scores 10 points, the second, 9, and so on up to the point in which each player will score 1 point. The host obtains 11 points when a first player guesses the word correctly. He/she gains extra 2 points for each of the other players who also guess it correctly.

Sometimes, it is interesting to see the funny drawing by your dear buddies. Hence, in order to snap this hilarious moment, Gartic allows you to watch an animation of the way you drew and save it out as PNG, GIF or JPG.

There is a color code for the game with Green to indicate that the player has answered the word correctly, Blue to indicate that the player is currently drawing and Black to indicate that the player still has not guess the answer.

There are rules to Gartic drawing game, of course. The system will automatically disable all the players from typing out the answer in the guess box and chat box so that no one can reveal the answer. Offensive words are not allowed too. However, one loop hole is that the host may take the advantage of ‘drawing’ out the word. One way the Gartic encounter this is the use of button to report the current drawing. If this happens, with at least 2 votes, the current drawing is cancelled and all the scores for the current round are lost. The host is also penalized to skip his/ her turn. You can also block a particular annoying person or spammer from appearing o your chat box.

If it takes a while and still no one can guess the answer, the host can choose to click on hint to show multiple lines, each line indicates one letter/ alphabet. This gives a rough idea on how many letters in total is the answer. The host can also click a limited number of times on the ‘hint’ button to reveal some, but not all, letters that constitute the word. However, it is forbidden to indicate on the board the number of letters of a word. The hint button is for difficult answer that no one can guess and the button will be disabled once a player guess correctly. The host cannot cheat by drawing the number of letters out after that. But, remember, not to use it recklessly because you will lose the points gain each time you click on it.

If the player has no clue and take too long to start drawing, he/she will miss the turn and skip to the next player. This system helps to save time too, if there is a player ‘afk’ (away from keyboard). There may also be ‘phantom’ player join the room and do nothing. The system will kick such player automatically after some time of inactivity to guarantee a better experience of other existing players.

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