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Garden World Review
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Garden World
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Overview of Garden World Game Online:
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If you always dream of having your own private beautiful garden, decorated with irresistible lawn of red and purple roses, ornamented with cupid angel statue supplementing your crystal-clear fish pond, then you might fall in love with Garden World just like how you are addicted to FarmVille and FishVille !

Garden World is an interactive online social game that allows you to purchase, water, cross-breed, and eventually selling your flowers when they are matured to grow your garden according to your own unique style and preference.!

Make sure you continually apply tender care to your flower by watering them and keeping them happy. Don't forget to weed your garden with super grow to improve the flower growth, as well as decorating them with various ornamentation (Garden Background, Garden upgrades) and animals like squirrel and chipmunk in plant store to keep your garden as pleasant as possible.

Keep gaining additional experience point and coins by selling your matured flower, gain trophies (Flower Seller, Flower Lover, etc) level-up, and start investing and purchasing other brand new garden.

Invite your friends to play Garden World, share with them with picture captured, and be proud of your own virtual garden !

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