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Galaxy Life
(42 votes)
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Overview of Galaxy Life Game Online:
Average Rating: (42 votes)
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Galaxy Life is a Facebook game by Digital Chocolate. Digital Chocolate is excellet in cross-platform social games: Zombie Lane, Army Attack, Millionaire City, and MMA Pro Fighter, etc. and has operations in San Mateo, Seattle, Helsinki, Barcelona, St. Petersburg, Bangalore, and Mexico.

The game has a space theme; with a planet resided by awkward but charming and peaceful little living creatures or starlings. They are playful and love to celebrate. However, the evil side kicks in when the Tree of Life dropped a new rotten starling seeds that create an evil starling, the Firebit! Firebit yearns for power and bring chaos to the whole planet. With the assist of the resistance leader, some starlings manage to escape from the planet. They move to a new planet and stay in peace for a short while, but the peace will not last forever…

You need to defense your base. You can do this by building turrets. For instance, you can deploy a Canon Blast. You can go to system to see the galaxy. You can even spy on Firebit’s 1st Colony or attack him. Send your Starlinators and strike his base! The Starlinators have their own health, damage, damage type and target. But take cover, as he will avenge by kidnapping your starlings. You need to rescue them back.

There are many categories of buildings you can choose: resources, army, turrets, defenses and decorations. Resources buildings include Compact House, Mine, Bank, Silo and Observatory. Army camps include Warp Gate, Training Camp, Factory Starport and Laboratory. Turrets that you can build include Canon Blast, Sniper Tower, Laser Tower, Missile Launcher and Mortar. Defenses that you can construct include Wall, Trap, Friends Bunker and Defense Bunker. Lastly, decorations that you can put on your base include Swing and Elastic Bed. The decorations are interactive constructions which you can click on for your starlings to play. You can upgrade your structures and constructions, rotate or move them around and even recycle them when you do not want to keep them anymore. Develop advance technologies to aid you in your defensive and offensive quests.

You have your free workers who work for you and gather resources for your own good. You can gather quite a number of things appear on the planet such as Longolemonius, Spirocles and Trenamora for coins, and rocks for minerals. Apart from coins and minerals, another resources that you may need is the Galaxy Chips.

Gather your experience to level up. Complete your quests.

Add your friends now to share this cute game with them. You can pay them a visit to their planet base and get rewarded. You can also help them in their work by clicking on the structures with pending job to get the bonus. Go to the galaxy and explore all the systems and planets! But beware of your nasty friends because they can strike on your planets too if they have evil plot on you.

Get a revenge on Firebit and conquer the whole galaxy in Galaxy Life!

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