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Overview of GalaStories Game Online:
Average Rating: (160 votes)
(5stars: 126 votes)
(4stars: 11 votes)
(3stars: 3 votes)
(2stars: 2 votes)
(1stars: 18 votes)
GalaStories is a free online facebook fashion game where you can dress up your avatar with various trendy clothing and shop around according to the latest fashion. You can customize your avatar with clothing including tops, pants/skirts, dresses, underwear, shoe, socks, and coats. You can participate in the showdown competing with other players to win more popularity and glamour points as well as cash money.

In GalaStories, you can browse through different shops in the mall to learn different latest fashion and catalogue of clothing and try them before any purchases. Stand a chance to receive amazing reward by discover all the clothes in the store. There are various attributes that you can optimize to improve your avatar, including your speed (light Step, crafty girl, swiftness), Pickup bonus (high compensation, majestic presence), Discovery (deliveries) and more.

There are more quests available in GalaStories for you to complete in order to gain more experience point and golds to level up, for example, player would need to hit the city to prospect the City Spawn Germs located around the square in Dakara.

Feel free to customize your avatar in the beauty salon for you general look, hairstyle, lips color, eye color size, and more. Play GalaStories Facebook for free now !

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