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Forest Story
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Overview of Forest Story Game Online:
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Forest Story is an MMO Facebook farming game. In the game, you own a piece of land in the forest. With bare hands, you are going to utilize this remote land to do plantation and farming. Throughout the process, every action you perform contributes to your points and experience which will help you unlock more attractive resources, items, pets and plants. Also, the experience will increase your fame to become VIP.

In Forest Story, the 2 main resources are Log and Food. You can obtain Log through chopping Pine trees or Mature Oak. In later stage, there are Coconut Tree, Cherry Tree, Apple Tree, Pear Tree, Peach Tree, Plum Tree, Mature Pine Tree and Oak. To gain foods, you can harvest crops, such as watermelon and pumpkin ah the beginning stage. When your level is higher, you are able to unlock Clover, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Flax, Corn, Rice, Mushrooms, Peas, Cotton, Peanuts, Sunflowers and Eggplant. Different trees and crops require different time to complete. So, you can select them based on your convenience to play the game.

There are a number of animals: Chicken, Goat, Sheep, Rabbit, Donkey, Horse, Goose and Reindeer. You can buy them from the stores and feed them constantly. Some animals such as Donkey and Horse require you to invite friends first before you are able to unlock them. When you are running out of energy, you can buy foods to restore your energy. From the store, there are Roast Lamb, Salmon, Mushrooms, Poached Egg, Lamb Kebab, Roast Chicken, Tuna and Fruits.

After you have removed the weeds, stone and stump on the lands, you can start building to make your land looks greater. There are Pond, Magic Castle, Fireworks Factory, Firework Cannon, Stone House, Workshop, Stockyard, Smithy, Totem Pole, Training Ground, HenHouse, Cabin, Christmas House, Hotel, Storehouse, Garden Store and Barber Shop. When your level increases, you can unlock VIP items, such as Stone Path, Garden Bench, Gazebo, Iron Gate, Devil Outfit, Wizard Costume, Salmon, Coconut Tree and Watermelon. Apart from that, there are Special items. For example: Lantern, Temple of Heaven, Chopping Machine, Devil Outfit, Angel Outfit, Wizard Costume and Girl’s School Uniform.

Remember that when you are removing the weeds or trees, there might be some wild animals such as snakes and bears appearing suddenly. You need to attack and kill them before they attack you.

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