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Overview of Farmandia Game Online:
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Welcome to Farmandia! With more than 220,000 monthly active users playing Farmandia developed by Bigpoint, is time for you to join the community and learn some basic farming skill!

Farmandia is a free online facebook game with typical farm management such as FarmVille and CityVille, which allow players to manage and develop their own farm. There are list of typical tools used in the game such as Water Faucet, Process Tool, Market, Bank, Item Removal, Storage, Gifts, Achievements, Message, and Universal Tool.

To start playing the game, player would need to choose and customize their avatar with six available options. There are three basic resources and currencies in the game: Diamonds, Coins, and Fuel. Diamond can be used to purchase special items such as factories, yards and premium decorations, and is only limited every time of level up. Coin is the most common currency in Farmandia where most of the common items can be purchase by using coins, such as plant seeds, trees, goods, animals, and etc. Fuel is useful to activate your machinery such as seeding machines and tractors.

In Farmadia, player would need to perform typical farm management action such a s plowing the soil, planting the seeds, harvesting the plants, and selling them to earn profit, and using the money to purchase more high value items repeat the cycle again. Player would gain additional experience point by completing each of the task and actions. By leveling up in the Farmadia, player would be able to unlock more exclusive items and have more planting options.

At the beginning of the game, players are advised to plant seeds that offers higher experience point so that player can earn diamond faster to purchase factories. Be reminded to frequently check your crops to prevent them wilted without being collected.

Start playing Farmandia with friends and invite more neighbour to gain more exclusive gifts and speed up your farm growing process !

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