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Farm Country
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Overview of Farm Country Game Online:
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Like to manage and develop your own farm in Farmville, Farmtown and other related farm management game? Why not trying Farm Country as well which offers a simple yet exciting experience of growing your own farm !

Farm Country is a free online facebook farm management game which allows player to plot the ground, plant their seed, harvest the crop, and sell the product to earn more money and keep expanding their farm. Player would be able to earn experience point and coin with every completion of actions in the game.

In Farm country, player would be able to purchase a variety of items in the shop including Seeds, Collectibles, Expansions, Animals, Factories, Decorations, Fertilizer, Flowers and Trees. Some example of the animals include llama, bee hive, peach bee hive, cow, brown cow, gray cow, sheep, golden sheep, blue sheep, maroon sheep, chicken, goat, rabbit, horse and more.

Player can decorate their farm using more decorations items such as Weather Vane, Wine Barrel Flowers, Nanaimo Bar, CN Tower, Sleep sheep, Bee Cluster, Flower Well, Washing Basin, Fish Roast, Produce Basket, Berry Bush, Butter Churn, Mushroom Stump, Swimming Hole, Water Tower, Teepee, Old Windmill, Crop Circle, Wooden Wagon, Goofy Easygoing bear, Chicken Coop, Pickup Truck, Horse Trailer, Farm Country Sign, Wooden Fence, Stone Idol, Buried Wagon Wheel, Watering Can, Super Sad pug, and more!

Remember to invite more of your friend to join the game for you to have more experience point and free gift to unlock more exclusive items ! Start playing Farm Country now!

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