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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Game Review
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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Game
(18 votes)
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Overview of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Game Game Online:
Average Rating: (18 votes)
(5stars: 13 votes)
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With more than 130 thousand monthly active user currently making over their house in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Game, is your time to join the to experience the the exciting thrill of giving your house a complete make over! Embark your journey now to make the dream of deserving families come true!

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Game is a free online facebook game that allows player to play the role as a designer like the TV show to create and decorate house for selected customers! In this game, players are able to build their long dream house, for both virtual and real life uses, everything for your artistic design from door plan to all kind of customizable furniture.

To start the game, player would need to know more detailed information of the families, whether they are growing up in the New York City, Texas, Washington, Florida, their family composition of kids, old man and etc. Players would also need to know the family preference and style to find out what they need in their new house, and also what they would like to have in their new house. So when you feel that you have the confidence to help this family, feel free to unleash your home design to help them !

Before building the family a new house, player would need to first tear down the old house. Check out the few ways to blow up the old house! After the hectic work, now is time for you to start a new project with a solid building plan. Choose a floor plan for your house including bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, hallway and etc. Next proceed to your room decoration! Players would be able to find out most of the things they need to fill in from the store, and would require volunteers to add each thing to the new house. So try to add more friends to get more friends or else the tired volunteers will rest for a short period and slow down your building time.

Check out the art tent now for more creative idea and renovations that sparks your imagination to build the most attractive and warmy house for the family ! Start making over your house in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Game!

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