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Overview of Eccky Game Online:
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Welcome to the fantastic world of Eccky, where player can now play a variety of games, make friends with thousand of online players, as well as decorate their house with a great range of ornamentation and take care of their cute pets.

Eccky is a free online facebook game developed by Tribeplay, where player would be playing the simulation and virtual pets game. The latest version of Eccky now is equipped with social networking virtual worlds. In this imaginary virtual world, player would have access to various location, including city center, park, beach, mountain top, city center, as well as visiting other's player house. Player can also exchange gift, play mini games together, and get know a lot of new online friends.

With current integration into Facebook, player can choose to participate in a lot of single player game as well as multiplayer online game. Start playing with Wobble, your favorite pets now in Eccky. Remember to give more cares and attentions to Wooble to make sure that they are happy. Once player progresses in Eccky, the pet will grow and assist player in completing various mission and task, helping them to speed up the leveling up process to receive more experience point and cash reward. Once the pet has achieved certain level, player would start receiving various power-ups and special ability to be used in Eccky.

Start playing Eccky now with your friends now in Facebook for free without download!

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