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Crimson Moon
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Overview of Crimson Moon Game Online:
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Adventure Awaits

The path of vampire, werewolf, or hybrid awaits the vast plains of the underworld in the twilight of the night.

Crimson Moon is a browser based(PBBG) vampire game and werewolf game that requires no downloads. We also promise no resets. In operation since 2004 we strive to be the top vampire game and werewolf game available for FREE online.

Crimson Moon Tale

It commenced about five,000 a long time back within the land of U'Moria, a darkish and barren wasteland that stood uninhabited for a long time. Human beings imagined the land of U'Moria was untouchable. That shortly would transform..

At some point, the Individuals that inhabited the close by city of Crystallion had been visited by a Darkish Wanderer. His identify was Krelon. A wicked, decrepit scientist who practiced the Darkish Arts and intermingled people techniques together with his experiments. It absolutely was due to these experiments that he were forged from each city he visited. For Krelon considered that by tapping into your immense Plasma Energies located inside the blood on the dwelling, he could come across a method to cheat dying. So he went from city to city, hoping at some point to discover the proper system for reaching his purpose.

But eventually, following considerably chastising from the townsfolk, he discovered his great lab rat. A Nobleman acknowledged as Delvagan who was cruel and desired almost nothing over complete electrical power. Together with the assure of everlasting everyday living, he invited Krelon to his castle to start the method.

Nobody is familiar with specifically what took place in that castle, or what was becoming completed to Lord Delvagan. Only that is regarded. Krelon made one thing in that Nobleman that might alter background eternally. Loss of life wasn't cheated that day. Demise was permitted to arrive into this entire world.

It absolutely was only if the townsfolk of Crystallion started noticing that several of their neighbors and good friends ended up lacking did they get started to suspect anything awful was occurring up in that castle. So, armed with Pitchforks and Rakes, Shovels and Strolling Staffs, the townsfolk stormed the castle. There they learned Delvagan standing more than various corpses. Citizens of Crystallion which were the lacking neighbors and buddies. They surrounded and subdued Delvagan and took him for the city sq. in which he was right away hanged.

Background states, the total time he hung there, as his daily life was seeping from his entire body, he smiled. And for the time being of his dying, another thing arrived into this entire world at that extremely minute.

Needing to purge this evil through the land, the men and women of Crystallion buried
Delvagan inside the forsaken wasteland of U'Moria. Never ever wanting again, and by no means
returning. So, naturally they under no circumstances knew which the grave during which they laid
Delvagan was empty.

A lot of several years previous, and strangely plenty of, this wasteland of U'moria get started to spring to existence. Fields of grass, trees, and a number of creatures started inhabiting the land. But nevertheless, the people today of Crystallion wouldn't enterprise forth into this awakening land plus they declared it cursed and forbid anybody to enter it. Individuals that selected to disregard this edict had been far more moments than not, under no circumstances observed yet again.

Rumors started spreading when men and women started disappearing only to become discovered murdered.Every person was perplexed regarding what was responsible for these fatalities, for that victims have been usually located without having blood left inside their physique and two modest puncture wounds in the neck. A lot of suspected some thing Evil had occur away from the Cursed Land and was slowly but surely devouring the individuals of Crystallion.
Right after a while, the remaining citizens of Crystallion shaped a picked band of
Crusaders who marched towards the Forbidden Land. Their Mission, to stomp out any Evil they observed there.

It had been below, in a place known as The Darkish Forest they arrived on Castle Vastill.
This really is exactly where the Crusaders of Crystallion had their initial come across having a Vampire. Delvagan was the 1st of his Type. The energy of Delvagan was unmatched by any mortal gentleman. He tossed these Crusaders in the ston partitions from the Castle just as if they had been molding putty. That evening, Delvagan decimated 50 percent with the Citizens of Crystallion ahead of they stabbed him within the head. Imagining him lifeless, they buried him inside a hole twenty ft deep. If the previous shovel of grime was thrown about the grave, they left and in no way appeared back again.

Sad to say for that men and women of Crystallion, it absolutely was just the starting. For once they walked absent from Delvagan's grave, how had been they to understand which the up coming evening Delvagan would return to Crystallion as well as his new military of Undead Troopers? Which was the start in the very first Vampire Clan know because Elders.

Mayor Grayden was in despair above the reduction of the majority of his city, when who must
return, but Krelon on the dim and blustery evening. Krelon employed Mayor Grayden's despair to control him into getting his upcoming lab rat. For Krelon had identified concealed Plasma Energies while in the blood on the Wolf. The Wolf was a creature with the Evening, and Krelon invested several weeks fusing the blood of Wolf with that of Mayor Grayden. It is how the 1st Lycan arrived into getting, offering Mayor Grayden the power to vary at will right into a fifty percent Male, 50 percent Wolf creature with unbelievable power and agility.

These creatures, stuffed with rage and violence, would quickly turn out to be a deserving opponent to the Vampires from the Wasteland. Grayden put in that very first evening killing and turning many townsfolk and dragging them into Mt. Ravania while in the wasteland of U'Moria. It absolutely was listed here that his victims shared his fate and shaped the primary Lycan Clan, The Rage.

Above time, the 2 new races started to operate collectively and began a smaller township acknowledged as Millstown. It commenced to prosper right up until one particular fateful day if the unthinkable took place. Two lovers of Lycan and Vampire have been with kid, which little one will be the start of but a different new race. A Hybrid with the two. As this was forbidden, it fueled rage and resentment amongst the Vampire and Lycans which started out the good Undead War. Quite a few Vampires and Lycan have been killed within this War until eventually last but not least a truce was built. As additional Hybrids arrived into currently being in the ages, they as well, started their very own Clans.

Someday immediately after the War, Millstown grew and was renamed Melania. the town towered previously mentioned the remainder and no Human would enterprise to Melania. For when they did, they ended up meals!

Welcome to Melania, my Good friend! Select your race and start your journey into Melania and Heritage. Will your route be of Peace or War? You end up picking. The journey awaits while in the Glow with the Crimson Moon ....

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