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Crazy Planets
(45 votes)
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Overview of Crazy Planets Game Online:
Average Rating: (45 votes)
(5stars: 40 votes)
(4stars: 0 votes)
(3stars: 2 votes)
(2stars: 1 votes)
(1stars: 2 votes)
If you like to play The Worm, then you would love to play Crazy Planets as well! Featuring the storyline of a rebellious robots rampaging across the universe creating chaos, your role is to help neutralize these bastard leveraging the unity power together with your friends to eliminate their threats ! Is all on you pick up your weapon to save the planet now !

Crazy Planet is a free online social facebook game which allow players to choose their character, customize their own weapon to fight against a group of rebellious robot to restore the peace of the universe. The objective of Crazy Planets is simple: Eliminate all the incoming threats from the robots and destroy them by all means!

There are various weapons that players can equip include Bazooka, Grenade, Cluster Bombs, Energy Sword, Cluster Bombs, Big Boomer, Fluff Bombs, Homing Missiles, Rebound Ray, Ice Rocket. Players can expand their allies by simply adding more of their friends to unlock more exclusive items and weapons, and also upgrade the damage incurred for their weapon by investing in New Research and Development.

Start blowing up some cranky machine robot with your friends, earn extra bonus of experience point and health points, and show'em who is the boss of the CrazyPlanet !

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