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Overview of COCO Girl Game Online:
Average Rating: (144 votes)
(5stars: 128 votes)
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You are a trendy, luxurious, and modern girl who like to make up, dress up and go for shopping. Welcome to join CoCo Girl World, a largest online facebook virtual community which allows players to express their personalized style and taste of fashion in their own customizable avatar !

In CoCo Girl world, everything is about CoCo! We have CoCo Salon, CoCo Shops, CoCo Market, CoCo Carnival, CoCo Culture Cargo, and many more! Each of the different CoCo Building offers different variety of trendy and stylish activities with a lot of fun!

In CoCo Shop, players can shop for virtual good in branded stores such as Lara-Li, Holly Hock, Makassar, LoveBerry, BluePipes, GwynLeuad, Jaspe, Paris, Naylin, Stezzano, Sinopia, Chambray, Kyrie, Black, Ambar, Buenos Aires, Puccu and more. Each store offers exclusive gorgeous limited items for purchase such as diamond necklace, highheel, lipstick , perfume, purse, long gown, lingerie, and more. More general options are available in CoCo Market for purchases.

Players can even participate by voting in Fashion Expert magazine for one with most amazing looks and get rewarded with more Rubies! The more users agree with your rating , the more Rubies you will get. Another way to be a fashion expert is to determine whether an outfit would fits and look good in various occasion of a trendy's girl life, simply by clicking "like" or "dislike" button. Players will also get additional Rubies by selecting the best look out of three models options.

Dress yourself up and join the glamorous community of trendy girl now in COCO Girl! Invite your friends to join and be rewarded with more Rubies and Gold for you to shop till you drop !

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