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Overview of CastleVille Game Online:
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Now you can build a fantasy magical kingdom with your friends in CastleVille on facebook for free! Currently with ore than 10 millions monthly active visitors, CastleVille is one of the hottest and popular social media castle and city building game one Facebook developed by Zynga! You will love the cute animation and beautiful graphics, engaging storyline and soothing sound effect in Castleville!

To start playing CastleVille on Facebook , player would need to first customize the avatar by choosing their hair color, hair style, skin tone, character's face and more. You can also customize and choose your clothing in Castleville as well. You can simply randomize your character if you want to save time and trouble creating one for yourself.

Player would see three character at the beginning of the game including the Duke and some beasties. By helping the chasing away the beasts, player would be rewarded experience points, exploration crystals, and other collectibles in CastleVille. Walkthough the tutorial is pretty fast to get yourself familiarize with the main character in the game, as well of some of the simple quests.

Player would see a pop out of blue questions mark over the head of the character if there are quests assigned that needed to be complete.

Basically there are a couple of screen elements that player would need to know including the Currency meters, Energy meter, Castle level, Reputation heart meter, level and XP meter, Quests, Neighbor menu, Open setting options, Inventory, Design mode, Cancel button, Customize avatar, and market.

There are two category of currency available in Castleville: Crowns and Gold coins. Player would be granted 5000 gold coins at the beginning of the game as the basic currency, and by performing quests such as collect taxes, feeding animal, selling items to store, visiting neighbor would help player to earn more gold.

Alternatively, player can also explore the premium game currency, where you can use them to buy special exclusive items in the game, including instant crafting, instant production of crop, instant fast tax collection , and special ability to skip some of the requirement of quest. Purchase of the currency can be done by Credit card or Pay Pal.

In Castleville, player would need to spend energy for every actions performing, including building, collecting taxes, growing items, helping neighours and crafting various items. The energy level will be replenish over time, and starting from 10 energy, as you progress in the game reaching level four, you will be granted a maximum of 25 unit of energy. Each time you reach a new level, your energy level will be restored automatically.

Reputation hearts is also important in Castleville, which can be earned each time you visit your neighbor in doing some chorus such as gather stone, chop tress, harvest crops, collect rent and etc. One heart will be awarded each time and you can help up each neighbor five times in a day.

Is crucial for you to collect resources in CastleVille as well such as Trees, Rocks, Water, and Crops. Player can also access the market to purchase more decoration for their castle including Royal buildings, decor, animals and more. Check your inventory for all your market icon and resources collected.

Start playing Castleville as one of the most popular and fun Facebook game by Zynga now for free!

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