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Overview of Cafemania Game Online:
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Wish to own your unique restaurant selling the most delicious foods and making a lucrative business? Want to recruit your friends to be your free labor toiling hard in your restaurants making profits? Here you go, apart from the Restaurant City and other café games, Cafémania is another MMO Facebook restaurant/café management game. In the game, you are the manager of a café, managing the operation of the café in your styles.

The Cafemania game starts with some tutorials on how to run a café properly. It includes which equipments to purchase to cook the food, which furniture to decorate your café and which items to make your café look more splendid. Of course, all need money. To make more money, you need to have more customers who pay you for your foods and good services. So, the fundamental thing is: attract customers! As much as you can!

In Cafemania, you do not only emphasize on preparing good foods, but also the outstanding services. If your customers are impressed by your services as well, they will patronize your café more often, earning you more profits!
Join this Cafemania with your friends to explore more fun in it!

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