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Overview of Cafeland Game Online:
Average Rating: (80 votes)
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Like to play CafeWorld and be a boss managing your own personal cafe restaurant? Now you should also try CafeLand with the similar cafe management theme which provides you the equally exciting experience serving customers and growing your cafe business !

Cafeland is a free online facebook social game which allows players to manage their virtual cafe restaurant, attract the flow of customer, earn money, and expand their F&B business. The main objective of Cafeland is always to keep your customer happy for them to keep returning to patronage your restaurant, generating revenue for you restaurant for you to keep the business running.

The Cafeland owner can decorate the cafe with items such as chairs, tables, floor decoration, wall decoration, windows, doors, flag, plants, counters, stove, and drink machine. There are wide range of furnitures available for selection such as Hickory Folding Table, Ashwood Square, Mahagony, Trestle Square, Pink Mood Table, Green Tripod, Gainsboro, Maroon, Aquamarine Stacking and more!

Players can also provide more entertainment options to the customer, including Wood Column Speaker, Goldfish, Angle Harpist, White Rabbit, Black Kitten, Playful Puppy, Retro Radio, Foosball, German Shepherd Puppy, FishTank, Coin-op Rodeo, Dart, Retro TV, Spanish Flamenco Dancer, Pinball, Rosella Parrot, Tenor Pargotti, Pinky Ballerina, Roland the Pianist, Jazzy Jimmy, Tricky Coudini, Harry the Accordionist, Mathilde the Electric Cellist, Coin-op Fortune Teller, Swan in pond, Slot Machine and more!

Start inviting your friend and play Cafeland today to build your Cafe Restaurant business, unlock more exclusive special items, and keep your customer happy!

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