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Buzztime Trivia
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Overview of Buzztime Trivia Game Online:
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Want to put your general knowledge to a test and compete your friend to prove how smart you are? Welcome to Buzztime Trivia ! Now you can boost your brainpower every 15 minutes with 10 unique multiple choice trivia questions that cover from dinosaurs to disco with everything that in between !

In Buzztime Trivia, player would need to choose the answer for every questions out of 5 options within 10 seconds of time.

Some example of the questions would be:
1. Which Tv Cop Series Featured Captains Jenko And Fuller ?
2. Which famous entertainer was born in Australia?
3. Which company invented instant coffee in 1938?
4. During the depression in the U.S , Two cents plain represent?

Have fun playing Buzztime Trivia with your friend and challenge the high score of each other to figure out who is the smartest! Remember to check your profile to see your achievement and statistics to gain more improvement !

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