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Bunco Blast
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Overview of Bunco Blast Game Online:
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Welcome to join the online community of more than 8,000 monthly active users in Bunco Blast! Have fun playing this parlour game with your friend online now on Facebook for free.

Bunco Blast is a free online facebook social parlour game available to play in team with three dice. There are in total six rounds of the game, and it will be started progressively from 1 to 6, where the target for the round's roll would be the number of the round serves as the target. The objective for the player in Bunco Blast is to obtain the round target number, by taking their alternate turn to play and roll the dice. By matching the number on the dice, player would be rewarded one point. Player is considered winning the "Bunco" when they hit the three-of-a-kind of the target number, and be rewarded 21 points.

The game round would be ended for any player to earn 21 points in the game, and the final winner would be the one who win the most round in Bunco Blast. The ultimate winner would receive a prize token or achievement in Bunco Blast, to further unlock more powerful items and level up in the game.

Start playing Bunco Blast now on Facebook for free with friends to become the ultimate winner !

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