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Buddy Rush Review
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Buddy Rush
(9 votes)
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Overview of Buddy Rush Game Online:
Average Rating: (9 votes)
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Buddy Rush is a free online facebook social game with one of the most exciting and complex facebook game which allows players to challenge in different game mode. Buddy Rush is now available at iPhone, iPad, facebook and Android phone !

All you need to do now is just to log in your facebook, select a character, and start the thrilling journey of the game. It is important to ensure that you select characters that suite your preference or style the best : Worrier, Boorseye, Wizz, Aiki Lu, Botherella, Nagne, Vivich, Vampino, Flow, Betty Junior, Skully, and Toxy, which each of them equipped with special ability with unique strength and weakness.

Worrier is a melee equipped with heavy sword with all-rounded balance of offensive and defensive technique; Boorseye is good at leveraging its long range shooting skill by arrows; Wizz is a witch who can cast spell using her dark magic ability and is very effective against mass group of enemy; Aiki Lu is recognizable by her two gigantic crazy-like meat cleavers which is effective at stunning group of monster and preventing them using skills.

Botherella is famous for her magic control and summon over dog to fight in a party which cut enemy's attack to 50%; Nagne is also another single sword melee character with his intimidating lighting speed sword combo attack, slashing enemy in pieces in the twinkling of eyes; Vivich is crucial as a healer which is able to regenerate health, reduced cooling time and cutting down use of portion; Vampino is a vampire casting attack using magical power and is able to self healed by attacking opponents.

Some other special character like Flow who is able to metamorphosize into a wolf for a period of short time with maximum hp and offense; Betty Junior is a huge dinosaur who has both short range and long range attack; Skully is a duel pistol long range fighter to shoot wide range of monster; Toxy who is a melee character with 2 poisoned daggers which apply toxic attack to enemy.

Start playing Buddy Rush now conquering different chapters and fighting different boss monster! Challenge all the chapters strategically from Wodeam, Tresed, Loocos,to Elgnuz, XiLin, Bootomb, Questern, Kanbucay with friends !

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