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Bubbles IQ
(33 votes)
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Overview of Bubbles IQ Game Online:
Average Rating: (33 votes)
(5stars: 18 votes)
(4stars: 4 votes)
(3stars: 3 votes)
(2stars: 1 votes)
(1stars: 7 votes)
Bubbles IQ is an addictive Facebook bubble shooting game. The objective of the game is to shoot the bubble to the position such that it can touch the other bubbles with the same colors.
This will eliminate the bubbles and the level is cleared if you have cleared all.

Unlike the other games like Bubble Saga, it is not time-based. So you can have a plenty of time observing first before shooting. You can ‘accumulate’ the bubbles with the same color with strategies before you shoot and clear them off. This can be done by the following steps: first, target a color. Then, in the every shot you make, try to avoid that color. Only form the combination with other colors around it so that you can accumulate more when the bubbles regenerate. This will earn you higher scores.

However, there are limited numbers of bubbles. You have to make sure you do not shoot them randomly without any purpose. In higher levels, there are more colors and it is more difficult to clear them off. There are helping tools: Aim, Undo and Color at the bottom. Aim makes your aiming more accurate. Undo enables you to go to a step before and re-target again. Color helps you to change the color of the bubble to make the combination works! There are 3 levels in each tools. Use them when you are in a difficult situation.

Also, there is a tool to insert extra bubbles. This will make the game last longer and you will have higher chances to get the bubble with the colors you want!

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