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Bubble Witch Saga
(51 votes)
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Overview of Bubble Witch Saga Game Online:
Average Rating: (51 votes)
(5stars: 43 votes)
(4stars: 1 votes)
(3stars: 3 votes)
(2stars: 2 votes)
(1stars: 2 votes)
With more than 2.5 million monthly active users joining the community of Bubble Witch Saga, is now for you to experience the thrill of this brand new bubble shooting game developed by

Bubble Witch Saga is a free online bubble shooting game available in facebook now with a come back with more challenges, excitement and level for player to explore! The land now has been haunted by evil spirit causing the withered plant and dying animals, with the desperate native village hopelessly turning into the most powerful witch - you to rescue the nation.

Players would have to complete a different quest in the game by winning each level, and keep progressing and traveling from one location to another for a tougher journey. With the option to compete with your friends online, players can have fun checking out each other's high score in respective stages.

Depending on your high score, player can get lowest of 1 star to highest 3 star ranking, which the total amount of stars would allows players to further unlock next level with more power-ups, skills, and items. With limited energy available, players will have to strategically conserve their energy for each level. Winning the game would preserve your energy, while losing will cause you to lose energy unit.

Players will be awarded extra spiders for each combo performed, but the spiders will be removed if the subsequent shot didn't knock out other bubbles, thus is crucial knocking out smaller combo while risking yourself at biggest combos. Players would get extra multipliers and the end of the games with spiders available.

Enjoy playing Bubble Witch Saga now with you friends to break the evil spell and rescue the villages !

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