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Bubble Safari Review
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Bubble Safari
(9 votes)
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Overview of Bubble Safari Game Online:
Average Rating: (9 votes)
(5stars: 4 votes)
(4stars: 2 votes)
(3stars: 1 votes)
(2stars: 0 votes)
(1stars: 2 votes)
Another fun and interesting game developed by Zynga - Bubble Safari! If you like bubble shooting game with color matching style, this is a facebook game that you should not miss !

How to play and get high score for Bubble Safari on facebook

The control is very straight forward: Use your mouse to aim and fire the shooter, and try to match three of the same color kind of the bubble. The level would be cleared if player is able to pop the bubble in the top role. By popping bubbles you would earn various points, and you would be awarded stars according to your performance in the level. Coins would also be added to your profile that allows your to purchase various power-up items to boost your high score!

In Bubble Safari, player would proceed their journey in the game to progressively unlock more challenging level with different style of quests. How far and how fast can you go in Bubble Safari? Would you be able to pop the bubbles in the shortest time and achieve the top score in leaderboard? Is all yours in Bubble Safari on facebook for free!

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