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Bubble Raider
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Overview of Bubble Raider Game Online:
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Help the Monkey Cappuccino to discover the missing pieces of the treasure map! In Bubble Raider, you would need to defeat the bubble challenges in order to unveil the subsequent pieces of the hidden map to unfold the mystery of the treasure! Start playing Bubble Raider now with more fun and challenges in Facebook.

Bubble Raider is a free online facebook social game with the themes of typical bubble color matching game. The rule is standard: pop 3 or more bubbles of the same color and pop those animated bubble for more score bonus. Player would need to complete all the levels to discover the next pieces of the treasures map, and keep unlocking different treasures as the progress along the game in Bubble Raider.

Also in Bubble Raider, player can try the Time Attack mode which will increase the score multiplier everytime player successfully burst 3 or more bubbles of the same type. Player can even upgrade their playing by purchasing additional booster from the store to increase their probability of winning their friends' high score. Try to finish all the bubbles as soon as possible to gain additional bonus point for quick fire play.

If you are running out of lives, simply refill them from the games store or seek help from you help. Have fun bursting the bubble and rank yourself against your friends in the leaderboard!

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