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Bingo Blitz
(11 votes)
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Overview of Bingo Blitz Game Online:
Average Rating: (11 votes)
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I am sure all of us play Bingo before when we were young. Bingo Blitz is a similar puzzle game available on Facebook. You can play with your friends or even strangers through the internet!

You need to buy a card using your credits to begin. You can buy 1-4 cards at a time. But make sure you can keep up if you decide to buy more cards. Else everything will be wasted. Use the card to play Bingo. The rule is the same as the Bingo you played. You will play against your opponents. The bingo number will be called and you have to circle if you get the number on your card/s. If you manage to get 5 numbers circled in a row, you get a bingo! Another way of getting a bingo is to circle the numbers at the 4 corners. There are also additional features in the game. The square that contains the specific number may be just an ordinary square, but it can also be a special square. You get to earn coins if you circle the Coin Square. You will obtain Treasure Chest if you circle the Treasure Square. You will also earn XP for each circle you make. Earn XP to get level up to unlock the items and rooms that you can enter. After getting a Bingo, click on the Bingo button. DO not just click unwittingly because you will get ‘Bad Bingo’ instead and waste your own card.

There is a certain number of Bingo number to be called. The quicker you call Bingo, the better prizes you can get, including credits. However, if you do not claim a Bingo before the prizes are grabbed by others, even if you get a line or 4 corners, you will just end the game with the points accumulated from simply marking off numbers, so do not waste it!

Good news is, as a beginner/ new player, you have the privilege to enjoy new player bonus with double XP and 2X payout in a limit time so do not miss it! Also, do not hesitate to invite more friends to form a team and earn more team points. Remember to send free gifts to them too.

Check into Bingo Blitz everyday to get the free 15 credits every day. You can also like the fan page to get the daily credits.

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