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Bingo Bash Review
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Bingo Bash
(18 votes)
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Overview of Bingo Bash Game Online:
Average Rating: (18 votes)
(5stars: 12 votes)
(4stars: 3 votes)
(3stars: 1 votes)
(2stars: 0 votes)
(1stars: 2 votes)
Bingo is an MMO Facebook Bingo matching game. In the game, you have to match a number pattern in a 5x5 grid. Interestingly, you can win a Bingo in 13 different ways! You can Bingo horizontally, vertically or even diagonally. Last but not least, you can do it in an ‘X’ pattern (which is very special).

First, you have to buy a card to enter into a round of Bingo Game. You can buy up to 4 cards at one time. The game begins with a basic tutorial. You can get coins by daubing on the coin squares. Also, you do the same to obtain gems. To get XP (experience), you daub on the number called. Then, when your power cool down completes, you can use it to unlock the useful number.

There are several Gems: Red Gem, Blue Gem, Green Gem and Orange Gem. Different Gems reward you different points. Also, you gain Coins and Bingo Chips when you play more. And the gems can be combined to be traded as Coins and Bingo Chips.

Join this game and compete with your friends to earn the highest score in the leaderboards.

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