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Big Business Review
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Big Business
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Overview of Big Business Game Online:
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If you're looking for virtual business online game, you can try out this facebook business game called Big Business. Big Business Online game in facebook is basically a business management game where you start to develop your small business in a new city.

You will start small and eventually expand your business into a multi-million-dollars business. To start your business management online in a city, you have to start off by building farms to produce raw materials, process your raw materials in factories to refine and turn your materials into a more valuable product, and sell your production to the markets to earn revenue.

More houses can be built to increase population when you can afford taking care of their entertainment, happiness and health. Build more structures to serve your people and your population will be increased more and more.

Environmental issue is also one of the main aspect you should be aware of in this Big Business online game. You will have to beautify your city with trees and environmental friendly buildings to maintain and balance the green ecology of your city.

When your city grows bigger and bigger with higher and higher population, you will have to build more power station buildings to generate and produce enough electricity for the people. Electrical power issues and environmental issues are 2 of the main concern you shouldn't have neglected.

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