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Bayou Blast
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Overview of Bayou Blast Game Online:
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Welcome to Bayou Blast! Now with more than 400,000 online facebook monthly active users to join this fun match-3 styles game for free! Player would simply need to register an account to play Bayou Blast.

How to play Bayou Blast
You would need to click and draw a line through same colored gems to remove them, and you can play with the the time limit of 60 seconds. By connecting the same colored gems you can remove them by drawing a line across the gems. You would be rewarded more experience points for higher score that you get, and proceed to next level for level up.

There is a time gems that add more time to the clock for you to play Bayou Blast longers, and the longer chain that you form will gain you more time in Bayou Blast as well. Draw a line through these green gems to trigger the time in Bayou Blast. Check out Bayou Blast wiki section for more complete guide on Facebook now!

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