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Overview of Basketsim Game Online:
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Too enthusiastic in basketball sport? Want to show off your basketball playing skill and challenge those strong players from all over the world? Here comes the Basketsim, a never-ending basketball challenge text-based game.
In Basketsim, you are able to customize team of your dream according to your preference. You can recruits those superstars from the famous clubs worldwide and design your own club t-shirt. The interesting thing in Basketsim is that, you can compete in national and international cups, watching live matches against your league opponents. This will increase your gaming experience and you can learn different strategies and skills by watching the game plays.
Before you take your teams to the stage, you have to provide sufficient trainings for the players. Also, do not overwhelm them by participating in too much tournaments in a row. Play smartly and you will be able top the scores in the leaderboard in the Basketsim.

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