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Barn Buddy
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Overview of Barn Buddy Game Online:
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Barn Buddy is a MMO Facebook for those who are interested in farming and animals feeding. The objective of the game is to manage your own farm intelligently and productively, including seeding, fertilizing, watering, bug spraying, weeds removing, harvesting and even dead plant removing in your farms. Furthermore, you are able to experience the fun of growing up the animals such as Dog, Cow, Chicken, Pig and sheep. Also, you have the flexibility and opportunities to design and decorate your farm layout with the various items. In the end, you will enjoy seeing your organized farms and the outcomes it brings.

At the beginning stage, you have to complete the crops growing tasks. Buy the seeds and plant them at your cleared plot of land. If you do not have enough coins, you can sell your crops in the Storehouse by harvesting your crops. Everything you do in the farm will increase your experience. Each time you level up you get a reward and access to new seeds. Those seeds will take longer time to grow, but will earn you more money and experience. In case the plants need too much time to grow, you can always use Fertilizer to speed up the growth. There are Weak, Medium and Strong Fertilizer that can be purchased in the Barn Buddy Shop.

Like in the reality, Bugs and Weeds appear on your crops and the lands. They are the disturbing elements which will reduce your productivity. Use the bug spray and weeds spray consistently to remove them so that your crops can be sold at the highest price.

One of the interesting points in the Barn Buddy is you can play with your friends by visiting their farms. Not only can you help them water, spray, weed and etc, you can also do some nasty things such as sending them bugs and weeds. Furthermore, you can even steal their crops.

Unlike other farm managing game, Barn Buddy allows you to have pets which help look after your farm. Dog helps guard your crops from your friends. It will prevent those undesirable friends from stealing your crops or adding weeds and bugs by biting them. This will also earn you coins as your friends run away. However, you need Credits to buy the dog. Apart from the dog, you can also have Cow which provides the milk for you. Also, you can Harvest eggs from Chicken and sell for 100++ coins. You can get eggs from your chicken every 6 hours with Harvest Gloves. Click the chicken until she goes to the nest. Then click again and she will lay an egg. The Pig is an animal for your farm that you can clean it every 6 hours and gain experience but get no coins. Lastly, you can shear you sheep and earn money from the wool. It is about 150 coins for every unit.

You can unlock some plots when your level up to expand your farm. When you click on the sign it will tell you the level and the cost of the next plot of land needed.

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