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Overview of Aviator Game Online:
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Aviator is an interesting and adventurous MMO Facebook game. The objective of the game is to be the most successful pilot establishing a wonderful and promising aviation industry. The player plays the role as a pilot, from an unknown character in the city navigating the smallest Junkers W34 to the most famous people maneuvering the elegant Douglas DC -4 airplane in the sky. It is no doubt the dreams of lots of people who are eager to have a manipulation of the flight himself in the borderless sky. No worry, through this game, you will be filled with the sense of achievement and satisfaction.

In the Aviator Facebook, you have the responsibility to fetch the passengers who stay in the Hotel from the original city to another destination (Of course, that’s why you fly the flight). The numbers shown on the passengers’ images are the ‘numbers’ of passenger in 1 click. With the original Junker W34, you are able to fetch only 2 in 1 flight. Then, go to the Airport and click the destination point. At the beginning stage, you have the city Tripoli and Cairo. The flight between the 2 cities cost $540 fuel. So, make sure you have at least 2 passengers to avoid negative income.

Also, you have another source of income: Depot and Market. Apart from the passengers’ seats, you have spaces for packages from the Depot too. So, make use of the Depot to occupy your empty seats before you fly. Furthermore, there is a critical earning source: the Market. Here, you are able to notice the varieties of the goods (such as: Caviar, Fresh salmon, Coffee, Cashew Nuts, Mangoes, Machines and etc. You are also able to see the difference of the prices among the cities. Compare the prices through the colors of the arrows. Buy the goods at the city which offer the lowest price (red color arrow) and then sell them in the city offering higher price (green color arrow). This is the Fastest and the most effective way to earn money!

Then, with more money and higher levels, you can buy a bigger flight from the Workshop. Remember to add your friends as it needs that for the purchase too (Starting from Boeing 247, you need at least 1 friend added). Bigger airplanes provide larger spaces. With this theory, you can earn more money and it is faster in one flight. Continue with this playing, you will be able to increase your level faster and unlock all the awesome airplanes. Then, with the more powerful and cutting edge airplanes, more and more customers will look for you for the carriers businesses. Your reputation and image will be increased significantly and globally!

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