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Auto Hustle
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Overview of Auto Hustle Game Online:
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Like to play Grand Theft Auto and MafiaWar in a complete interactive city, think you are a mafia head who can lawlessly committing crime and beat up who ever you want? Now players can try Auto Hustle which offers a open platform for players to complete a variety of mission in AutoHustle

AutoHustle is a free online facebook book which allows player to role play a mobster or mafia rampaging through the city by stealing car, killing civilian, bribing, vandalizing, hijacking, and committing many other more crime in a free play environment.

Auto Hustle offers a variety of weapon for players to purchase, which each of them having unique damage, speed, and accuracy. Some of the weapons available include SMG, 9MM Pistol, Baseball Bat, Luger, Revolver, RailGun, Tac-9, MiniGun, Assault Rifle, Law Man, Katana, Knife, Scatter Gun, Soviet Rifle, SMG-2, Golden Pistol, Knuckle Knife, Laser Pistol, Grenade, Desert Eagle, Tactical SMG, Double Barrel, Hunting Rifle, Flamethrower, Dynamite! Players now can have a quick preview action of the weapons before purchasing them, so have fun selecting your own weapons!

There would be no fun without cars! Auto Hustle allows players to purchase a great variety of cars with unique handling control, speed, and strength, such as Night, Europa, Bathurist 60, Micro Morrison, Bathrist 2010, Prancer, Combi Van, Vintage Pickup, Pursuit, Bug, Detroit Muscle, Leopard Mach 2, Fortune, Beam Sedan, Chryo PP, Atlantis, Musket 2010, Chopper, Coach, Escorter, Diabolic, Evader CGR, Sports Bike, Evader Pickup, Military Pickup, Grand Canyon, Leopard Type 3, Venom, Ambulance, Police Bike, Beam SUV, and more!

Once player has reached level 18, more exotic sports cars are available for selection such as Locust Elite, Eighty Eight, Pursuit SUV, Musket, Serpent GT, Pursuit Sport, Wasp XLR, Bean Coupe, Italia Z type, Luxo, Sonico B1, Chryo Boss, Skull Car, Stretch Limo, Metro Car, Ascot DD, Marca ZLK, Orca Four, Orca AR-80, Flame Truck and more coming soon !

Start completing mission in Auto Hustle and show'em who is the mafia head in Auto Hustle !

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