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Aces of WWII
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Overview of Aces of WWII Game Online:
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Welcome to Aces of WWII! A free 3D online facebook dogfighting game now with more than 40 amazing planes for you to explore and fight with thousands of online players in the air !

To start playing the game, player would be presented a short tutorial to get them familiarize with the game interface, such as to fly through a targeted area, and using radar and market on the edges of the screen locate and fly through the next waypoint, accelerate using the A button on keyboard, and use mouse left button to fire machines guns or right button to fire a rocket and shoot down all air balloons, as well as shooting some moving targets.

Once player have completed the basic tutorial, they are able to proceed to Dogfight, Hangar and further Training. Remember to check your mission statistics to for your action points, experience points, planes destroyed, ships destroyed, units destroyed, building destroyed, and others.

Player would be able to purchase more planes with their own unique FirePower, Speed, Maneuverability , and Durability, such as TBD Devastator,
Mig-3, D3A1 Val, Hurricnae, SBD Dauntless, A6M5 Zero, Defiank MK.I and more. As player progress in the game with more experience point accumulated, they will gain promotion to higher position with more powerful armor and weapon unlocked.

Start playing Aces of WWII now with friends and fight with more online players and earn ranking in weekly leaderboard!

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