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Titan Quest
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Overview of Titan Quest Game Online:
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Developed by THQ, Titan Quest is a famous action packed RPG (role playing game) back in 2006 with the epic story of Titan Quest in the Underworld of Hades with more exciting challenging game element!

In the epic battle between the good and evil, player would have the opportunity to envision the greatest Greek Mythology, raise your own army and defend the attack of Cerberus, and cross the mysterious River of Styx. Along with your new alliances, player can combat together with Archilles and Agamemnon, decipher the deep prophecies from Tireisias, and use the power of Odysseus to explore the dark secret in the adventure.

Some new features of Titan Quest include:
- 10 additional character levels where player can leverage on new skills and equipment development
- 8 brand new classes with exciting skill mastery and skill expansion.

Challenge and start your adventure now in Titan Quest for free!

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