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Three Kingdoms Review
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Three Kingdoms
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Overview of Three Kingdoms Game Online:
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If you are a Three Kingdoms fan, you may search for Three Kingdoms online game everywhere in the web. This Free Three Kingdoms MMO game is the creation of G-rex Soft under Uforia.

Three Kingdoms online game is a multiplayer MMORPG game featuring chinese history during Han dynasty. Han dynasty is the period when three powerful kingdoms are at war. The three dynasty are mainly controlled under 3 strong emperor named Liu Bei controlling Shu state, Cao Cao controlling Wei state, and Sun Quan controlling the Wu state.

Multiplayer Three Kingdom game has over 200 war fields with a lot of powerful bosses. Training and completing quests to level up your hero and fight in PVP battlefields. You can challenge other players once in every hour when PVP or player versus player battle is on.

One of the most exciting feature in Three Kingdom game is the PK system or player kill system. Once you killed an opponent, you will be added in his death note so that he can find and take revenge on you easier by referencing his death note.

As Uforia may have shut down Three Kingdoms game, you can play the Three Kingdoms Online game, by Koramgame instead.

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