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Tantra Online
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Overview of Tantra Online Game Online:
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Note: Tantra Online is no longer available to play.

Tantra online is a MMORPG game developed by ABS-CBN Interactive & Hanbitsoft. You can download the Tantra online game client and play it for Free in PC platform. Tantra game is a fantasy MMORPG online game where you will be adventuring and exploring in the realm of Tantra online game.

One of the great features of Tantra online is that it uses the cutting-edge 3D graphics for background environment as well as players characters. Besides, you will be getting more and more interesting by discovering the engrossing and great storyline you find during your journey and adventure in Tantra game online.

Tantra Online gameplay is suitable for hardcore players and gamers as well as newbie. There are up to 8 unique heroes and noble for you to choose and play. Every hero in Tantra online game is equipped with with own special colossal skills and attributes.

Like any other MMORPGs, you can customize your name and appearance in the starting during the character creation. Equip your hero or character with all the great equipments, weapons, and armors you buy from the shop or loot it from the monsters and bosses in Tantra Online game.

The other features of Tantra Online MMORPG game include trading, repairing, form your own guild or party together with your friends to fight against other stronger or massive monsters / players. Tantra Online game also provides players with good and helpful shortcut keys to assist you in playing this great MMORPG game online.

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