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Tales Runner
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Overview of Tales Runner Game Online:
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Tales Runner is a popular game which combines racing and farming elements. This multiplayer MMO game has several different game modes and allows up to 30 players to come in one place and play together.

For the main racing gameplay in this game, you can choose to play in individual mode where you can challenge yourself alone against the clock. The second choice is to play the team versus team mode where you can partner up with your friends and challenge your opponents!! Besides that, there is a relay mode in which you can partner up with your friends to complete tasks, and finally is the multiplayer survival mode which has a total of 30 players in one single racing match!!

The character customization in this game is pretty cool as well. You can choose all the available cool and fashionable shirts, shoes, equipments, and so on. The alchemy system in the game is very interesting and allows you to craft your own powerful equipments and items. You can also have your own customized pets to race with you!!

For Chaos Genesis in Tales Runner, you can choose your side by helping the angel empire or get involved in devil empire. Once you choose your side, you can fight and race for your side and be the legend among your companions!!

Lastly, you can have a chance to play some game features just like the Facebook Farmville!! Just register a g-potato account today, login to Tales Runner, and enjoy your game!!

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