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Overview of Samurai of Legend Game Online:
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Want to play the most addictive free text based Samurai fighting game? Now you can have fun by playing Samurai of Legend! In a world ruled by the brutal sword, each samurai is struggling to find their own niche where they can walk their unique path and craft their name in the history. Do you have the skills needed to become the most formidable Samurai Warrior in the Legend? Is now on your hand to decide your ultimate fate!

In Samurai of Legend, everything decision made by the player would be crucial for them to determine their path, which every single battle will get you closer to become the best samurai player in this online text based RPG.

Player would have the opportunity to become a part of the clan by forming alliances to defeat their enemy, traveling and visiting different cities, and undergoes training to keep improving the avatar's stats, skill and abilities. By participating and winning in each fight, player would be awarded more experience points to further leveling up.

In Samurai of Legend, every destiny is in the hand of each samurai, so what will be your final fate? Embark your journey now to become young legendary warrior to fight your path and become the ultimate master!

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