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Overview of SMITE Game Online:
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Smite is an MMO RPG action and strategy game by the developer Hi-Rez Studios. It is inspired by the DoTA game. The objective of the game is to form a team defeating the enemy’s team with strong and rigid collaboration and strategies.

There are various characters consisting of Gods that can be chosen by the player. Each God has his abilities and unique Ultimate skill that can contribute to the different strategies of killing the enemies. The Gods having higher strength always approach the enemies dealing melee attacks. While the magician-like Gods are powerful when casting skills. The attacking is more effective when the team is formed by different types of Gods. The variation of the characters makes the game play very interesting and fascinating.

In the early game, usually the Gods with higher intelligence dominate. But in the mid or late game, when the Strength and Agile Gods become stronger and more resilient, they are more powerful and always control the overall situation. However, still, the cooperation and team work impact a lot as the combination of the Gods always exhibit better strategies such that a solo God will find it difficult to counter with.

The player can buy the items through the workshop to make the character stronger. Purchase the correct items at the early game is also important. Make sure you can heal yourself faster so that you will be on the battle scene more often in order to earn experience faster.

Try this game and utilize the tactics learnt from the DoTA to destroy the opponents.

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