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Rusty Hearts Review
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Rusty Hearts
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Overview of Rusty Hearts Game Online:
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Rusty Hearts Online is a fighting MMO game. This epic hack-slash online game is a trilling game with great action graphics. You can have fun with the hack slash gameplay and slash and kill all the monsters and creatures with your friends together.

The gameplay graphics of this game is more towards to anime fighting online game. The anime-style attacking visual effects and the combo attacks for the combat and fighting system is very addicting.

The main villain in this game is the vampire master named Lord Vlad. The vampire leader Lord Vlad has a huge troops of vampire armies and he use his powerful vampire troops to fight against human race. You as the human kind have to protect your own kind by fighting and killing all the vampires, half-vampires, and all other creatures under the command of Lord Vlad.

For the moment, you can play as Frantz, Angela, or Tude as your main hero. Frantz is a groomy guy who was bitten by a vampire before. He's a warrior that uses Sword and Axe as his main weapon to fight against the vampires.

Angela is a beautiful cute girl came from a witch village that survived hundreds of years ago. She uses the witch magic and skills to enchant his magic sword and magic scythe to swipe and kill enemy creatures.

For tude, he is a wanderer who has been bitten by wolves and has inherited some traits owned by wolves. Tude is a cool character who uses Gauntlet and Claw as his primary weapon.

Fight your way through the battle in dungeon, enjoy the combo killing spree, fight the powerful bosses, and engage in player versus player PvP arena, PvP tournament, as well as fight in guild battle in Rusty Heart MMO online game!!

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