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Pockie Ninja
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Overview of Pockie Ninja Game Online:
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Pockie Ninja is a cute anime-based browser MMORPG inspired by favourite fan animes, Bleach and Naruto in which players embark their journey through the eastern world full of Ninja heroes. As one of the Ninja heroes your responsibility is to return the peace to the world by fending off and eliminating all the invasions from the evil forces.

If you are the anime of Bleach of Naruto fancy, then Pockie Ninja would definitely be your favourite RPG game as you can encounter the most famous anime characters of all time. Furthermore, you have the chance to fight toe-to-toe with recognizable and familiar figures and enjoy a plethora of customisation options for your most favourite character set on your avatar. One appealing feature in the Pockie Ninja that set apart this game from other MMORPGs is its "One character, multi-classes" which changes the traditional notion that one character can only choose to play one of classes. Combination of various classes with diversity of skills abilities would certainly create a volatile and extraordinary for your character.

Pockie Ninja also delivers innumerable sets of armor and weapons equipments for you to equip your character enhancing and strengthenning your hero. Exploring into the world of arena and elaborate quests would rewards them as trophies for defeating your opponents. There's also a place for you to show off your talent and mastery of skills and strategies to face-off against other players by participating in ranked-tournaments.

Breathtaking and colorful landscapes and fun environment allow better and greater visual experience for all the players. Beautiful graphics of animated world plus slick interfaces would making the exploration more superb and enjoyable.

Players start the game by choosing 1 of the 5 nations, The Land of Fire-Fire/ Water-water /Wind-Wind/Lightning-Thunder/Earth-Earth Village, each set with different purpose and dedication for newbie trial. There are also 2 neutral cities of Angel City and Demon City. There are all 18 candidate characters for selection, with 9 males and 9 females respectively. Also, 16 pets are available now with their own aptitude and special skills that can be learnt.

Pockie Ninja is really ideal for casual gamers espeically fans of Bleach and Naruto alike, as it never leave the players lacking of options to explore and discover, with its numerous quests and adventures, PvP arena, lucky draws, auction house, trade market, interaction environment, world tournament and much more.

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